Labor Law Posting Penalties Increases

Date Posted: 03/03/2021

As of January 15, 2021, the Department of Labor's maximum labor law posting fines have increased by more than $400:

Labor Law Posting Penalties Increases

Compliance Critical

Properly displaying labor law posters is critical to avoiding non-complianec fines. While fines for failing to properly display labor law posters is uncommon, and more likely to be assessed when an employer willfully violates the law, the annual fine adjustment by the DOL indicates the agency's compliance emphasis. 

Employers can comply with posting requirements by displaying up-to-date labor law posters in areas frequented daily by all employees such as a break room, conference room, or near a time clock. 

Additional Fine Increase Coming

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will increase the penalty for posting violations regarding the Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law posting in the near future. 

Compliance Peace of Mind

The FMLA, Job Safety and Health, EPPA, and Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law postings are included on the all-in-one posters offered by J. J. Keller and Associates, Inc. If a mandatory posting change occurs, subscribers to J. J. Keller's Update Service receive a new poster.

This article was written by Terri Dougherty, HR Editor, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.