Specialty Posters

Specialty posters are posters that apply only to employers in certain industries. General employment law postings, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act posting or the Occupational Safety and Health Act posting, apply to all or most employers. Specialty postings apply to a smaller niche of employers. Specality Labor Law Posters are available at the federal, state, and local level. 

JJ Keller Labor Law Specialty Posters

When Do You Need a Specialty Poster?

A specialty poster is required when a business falls under a law that calls for a posting to be displayed. The law might cover public employers in Texas, transportation companies in New York, or businesses that use forklifts in California, for example. A specialty posting might be needed by a business in the restaurant, housing, or construction industry. Specialty postings aren’t needed by all employers, but are required for companies covered by certain laws.

Experience the Benefits of J. J. Keller's Specialty Labor Law Posters

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Our trusted team of in-house experts continuously monitors posting changes to ensure your posters are accurate and up to date.

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All our posters are tabbed, color-coded, and laminated for quick identification of key information on durable posters.

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Each poster includes a QR code to help you quickly verify its compliance status with a quick scan. 

Bilingual Offerings


Our posters are available in both English and Spanish to satisfy regulatory requirements for non-English speakers.

How Can You Comply With Specialty Posting Requirements?

If your company is covered by a law that requires a poster, you need to display the latest mandatory version of that poster. To help you stay in compliance with these situation-specific posting requirements, J. J. Keller & Associates offers specialty postings that are current and in compliance.

To see if your business needs specialty postings, see the federal and state Specialty Poster information in the Posting Updates and Requirements Report. The report lists state and federal postings, and the “Who Must Post?” column explains which businesses are required to display each posting.

JJ Keller Labor Law Specialty Posters


Effortlessly comply with posting requirements by subscribing to our worry-free Labor Law Poster Update Service. We’ll keep you in the know and automatically send you a new poster anytime a mandatory change affects your federal, state, local or wage order postings.

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